Welcome to your Phys. Ed. webpage!

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy at home. Please know we are thinking of you and are looking forward to seeing you when we return to school. 

Here you will find useful links to help you stay active at home. We know it can be difficult, but we would like to provide you with some ideas that do not require much space or equipment. Physical activity is a crucial component to mental health, especially during difficult times.

Each week we will also post a home Workout along with a fun Weekly Challenge that you can try at home either on your own or with your family.

For our at-risk students, please use the following form to send feedback to your teacher:    https://forms.gle/yQrHntVEnccmZsUy8 

Teacher's Email Addresses: 

Mr. Beaudoin: EBeaudoin@rsb.qc.ca

Ms. Caron: JCaron2@rsb.qc.ca

Mr. Chan:  WChan@rsb.qc.ca

Ms. Crevier: ACrevier@rsb.qc.ca

Ms. Dickenson: WDickenson@rsb.qc.ca

Mr. Karygiannis: GKarygiannis@rsb.qc.ca

Ms. Knights: TKnights@rsb.qc.ca

Ms. Merrifield: GMerrifield@rsb.qc.ca

Mr. Mitchell: JMitchell@rsb.qc.ca

Mr. Payne: RPayne@rsb.qc.ca

Mr. Roache: MRoache@rsb.qc.ca

Ms. Simpson: SSimpson@rsb.qc.ca

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