Weekly Challenges

Below you will find our suggested weekly challenges  for you

to stay active and healthy at home.

Please feel free to invite some family members to join you!

Challenge #1

Let's see how creative you can be in this first week!  We want to see your best trick shot!  Whatever the sport you chose - think outside the box.  If you want ideas you can go check out these guys...   


*we do not endorse the pelting of your competitors :)

Challenge #2

Here is a 15 minute AMRAP that requires no equipment. Have fun!

Challenge #3

The Bring Sally Up challenge follows the rhythm and lyrics of the song below.  Use any exercise where you can alternate between an Up and a Down position: squats, push ups, glute bridges, leg raises, etc. Get CREATIVE!  How long can YOU last? Let us know how it goes! (P.S.: If you can last the whole song with one exercise, try it again with a different muscle group!)

Challenge #4

It's Tae Bo time. Complete the following routine at your own pace!

Challenge #5

Are you ready to learn how to juggle? Don't worry if you don't have actual juggling balls at home, you can just use bunched up socks! Nothing is stopping you from learning how to juggle... be patient and take it one step at a time. Most importantly, have fun!

Challenge #6

Bottle flip chaos... see if

you can beat the high score

Challenge #7 

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts can be quick and fun! 


Click on the video below and get ready to workout with a 

variety of exercises that you will choose for each

superhero. Complete the workout at least once, and 

as many times as you like. Be sure to mix up

the exercises each time you complete the rounds

Challenge #8  


Simple indoor games that promote =


        The video below details rally games that can be played

from inside your house. The Get Set Tennis youtube

channel can be found at:



Interested in more = check these LOGs:

Castles, Picnic, Social Distancing,

Dash n' Grab, Bubbles & Ballon Tennis.   


Challenge #9: T-shirt Plank Challenge


Can you do this? You can use a high-plank position on your toes or on your knees. 

Challenge #10

10 min Kids Cardio Workout - HIIT - 30s/20s Intervals - No equipment


Challenge #10


Stay healthy, stay active and enjoy your summer!

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